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We are encouraged to see in this year’s Pulse of the Profession® that organizations are

making progress—significant progress—as they are experiencing more success with

implementing initiatives

we see that more projects are meeting original goals and being completed

within budget


We have long advocated that project management is essential for any organization’s

success, and are excited that others increasingly realize this fact as well


That is particularly good news because when organizations embark on projects and

programs, they do so with a clear mission: to add value, advance strategies, and

increase competitive advantage. So, the more mature they are with project management, the more likely they will achieve their goals. There is, however, still more work to be done


Completing projects and programs successfully—on time, on budget, meeting goals—is

essential. But just as important is a focus on expected business benefits. A broader view

of performance includes an organization’s benefits realization maturity level. This more

inclusive measure of project success provides insight into what elite organizations

those we are calling “champions”—are doing and how others can continue this path

to progress


As you consider your organization’s goals, we strongly encourage you to continue making significant growth and progress.


Be champions for the profession, and let’s do great things together